Monday, July 13, 2020

Batman: The Adventures Continue #7

With the Deathstroke story concluded, and Jason Todd still lurking in the shadows not yet ready to reveal himself, a new arc begins in Batman: The Adventures Continue #7 with the arrival of Azrael in Gotham City. The soldier of the Sacred Order of Saint Dumas has arrived in Gotham City seeking a shroud recently stolen. Unfortunately for Catwoman, she's the one who stole it.

After a brief altercation between Batman and Azrael, the pair begin working together to find the shroud offering the opportunity for artist Ty Templeton to give us not just the Batman: The Animated Series look of Azrael's original costume but also his Bat-costume from Knightfall (even if the logic of the costume change feels rushed in all sorts of ways). There's also foreshadowing that dressing him up as Batman hasn't calmed the violent tendencies of Gotham City's new tourist.

Azrael is an unexpected addition here keeping Jason Todd on the sidelines. Catwoman gets a good cameo as well, although the choice to use the revamped designs of the characters means we don't get Catwoman's original BtAS look (still my favorite Catwoman desgin).

[DC, $.99]

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