Thursday, October 1, 2020

Shang-Chi #1

The first issue of the new five-issue mini-series begins with a flashback featuring Zheng Zu and the Five Weapons Society providing some context to the group and to our title character, Shang-Chi. It also offers a far-too-short cameo by everyone's favorite walking talking dragon in purple underpants.

Moving several years into the future, the story starts in earnest with a fight over control of the current version of the group. Although victorious in single combat, Sister Hammer doesn't get the ghostly approval for her rule (which leads to her sending minions after person the dead founder wants to pick-up the torch).

Shang-Chi #1 offers a short glimpse of Shang-Chi's current life after leaving behind spies and super-hero adventures and now working in a bakery. However, the arrival of an old friend and then a horde of assassins presents our hero with a reason to return home and deal with unfinished business. For someone not all that familiar with the character, the issue doesn't do much to sell me on the mini-series (although I was pleasantly surprised by Fin Fang Foom's cameo). Still, for fans, this is a solid opening.

[DC, $3.99]

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