Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Once and Future #12

The battle with monsters continue and bring forth an unexpected ally. After killing Beowulf and Grendel, Duncan and Bridgette square off against Grendel's mother who rips through the nursing home with monstrous glee.

When help comes, it comes from the unlikely source of Mary who is done serving her role as Elaine and is now Nimue (anybody else having a hard time remember who each character is supposed to be?). Her help comes not in the form of a weapon but a book as she reads Duncan into the tale of Beowulf letting him be the hero of the story (and possibly also laying the path to his eventual demise?) which also brings Excalibur into Duncan's temporary possession.

Mary's assistance is unexpected, especially by Bridgette, but not unwelcome. There's solid action here while the story continues to shift as Duncan proves himself a hero yet again (giving away Excalibur with ease) as another piece of Zombie Arthur's plan is revealed.

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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