Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Super Dinosaur - Multi-Player

Derek's (Valin Shinyei) recklessness gets him into trouble when he rewires the training simulator to allow them to play their favorite video game (which has been referenced several times on the show so far) virtually as the perfect birthday gift for his best friend. Disabling the safety protocols, Derek traps himself, Super Dinosaur (Mac Heywood), and Erica (Shannon Chan-Kent) inside the game. "Multi-Player" has some fun with the video game construct, allowing for the players to fight in the virtual environment while also showing the audience what the game looks like from the outside which we see from Bruce (Brian Dobson) and Sarah's (Kathleen Barr) perspective when they take over the kids' avatars to help them through the dangerous final level. While a bit unintentional, the game works well as a team building exercise and teaches Derek the importance of thinking through possible consequences to his sometimes risky plans.

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