Monday, October 26, 2020

Star Trek: Discovery - That Hope is You, Part 1

Commander Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) arrives in the year 3188 to find life which proves the gambit to stop Control was successful. The future was saved. While Discovery is nowhere to be found, Burnham is able to complete her mission and sends the suit back through to relay the signal to Spock and self-destruct. Lost in a new time, she makes a frenemy in thief and smuggler Book (David Ajala) who firsts betrays her but later helps her in her search for answers. As for Discovery, the ship is nowhere to be found. By the laws of temporal dynamics it may arrive at any time... perhaps years in the future.

"That Hope Is You, Part 1" offers a solid opening to the show's Third Season, resetting the world of Star Trek. Burnham discovers a future free of Control, but one where the Federation has fallen and anarchy has been left in its wake. The episode ends with Burnham finding a tether to the world she once knew on a broken down Federation space station manned by a single non-commissioned officer (Adil Hussain) who has spent decades hoping for someone like Michael Burnham to walk through his door. While the Federation has fallen, it is not forgotten, and until Burnham's ship arrives her mission appears to be in discovering more about the catastrophe that destabilized the universe and doing her part to raise the flag (a bit literally here) of the Federation once more.

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