Thursday, October 8, 2020

Far Sector #8

Sojourner Mullein has used the power of her ring to send herself into the digital realm of Atville in search of the cyber lifeforms known as @AT responsible for the hijacking biological lifeforms and the murder of Averrup Thorn. The Green Lantern's time in digital space doesn't last as long as I expected. In about half the issue, Mullein captures the @AT responsible but is no closer to who hired them.

We see the good and bad starting with Mullein's digital battle and victory and ending with the prejudice and bureaucracy that reminds her so much of home if forces her to emotionally lash at at the Council who brought her to City Enduring.

Despite her frustration, Sojourner Mullein has made friends adn allies in the City Enduring in CanHaz, Syzn, and Marth (even if some of those relationships aren't easily defined). Now can she use the resources at her disposal to get to the heart of the city's issues and uncover person responsible for the chain of events that led her to the far edge of the known universe?

[DC, $3.99]

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