Thursday, October 8, 2020

Black Widow #2

Something is obvious going on with Black Widow. Although she seems very happy in suburban bliss with a one year-old child and fiancé, Nat doesn't recognize Clint who gives up keeping an eye on her from the bushes with the Winter Soldier and attempts to gauge just what is going on. She doesn't appear to remember him, or her life as a spy or super-hero.

Arcade is obviously involved in what has happened to her, but he is not in control as a shadowy agency seems to have long-term plans for our heroine. And what does Red Guardian have to do with the situation? A chance encounter, or was it chance, in a dark alley saving a young woman from muggers and rapists seems to have awakened dormant skills with our girl, but not her memories.

While her amnesia seems to explain her obliviousness to being caught on camera, there are quite a few unanswered questions here as to what the hell is going on, and as Clint asks - is this a life she needs to be saved from?

[Marvel, $3.99]

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