Monday, October 12, 2020

Super Dinosaur - Out of Our Depth

"Out of Our Depth" brings the return of Squidious (Brian Drummond) who Minimus (Sean Thomas) overthrows by turning the Sharkmen against their leader. After being captured by Earthcore, Squidious agrees to help Derek (Valin Shinyei) and Super Dinosaur (Mac Heywood) to prevent Minimus from doing more harm to the world's oceans by using Dynore to transform the Lair Leviathan and punch through the ocean's crust to get to Inner Earth. That means the former adversary working with the pair and helping them enter the Lair Leviathan.

Erica (Shannon Chan-Kent) is notably more helpful here in the absence of her sister or most of the adults doing anything to help with Derek and SD's latest mission. The episode builds on the positive outcome of the team's encounters with Squidious earning Earthcore a valuable ally (even if he is no longer in command of the Sharkmen). The episode is also notable for SD putting on a puppet show for the Dynamo Dome inhabitants, and later using the same puppets as a way to distract the dimwitted Sharkmen (much to Squidious' shame).

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