Monday, October 12, 2020

Young Justice #19

Young Justice #19 offers a Wonder Girl issue as Cassie's grandfather Zeus returns hoping to prompt her to accept the role required of her within the Pantheon and move away from her Earthly connections. Zeus appeared earlier in the series, laying the foundation for Cassie's conflict trying to balance her responsibilities on Earth as well as Olympus. This time around, she'll need to fight off mythic monsters and gods proving the comic's two action sequences.

First she fights off Aegaeon, who she mistakes for being a lesson sent by Zeus, and later an army led by Poseidon who is actually behind everything and attempting to seize more power in the realms of the gods. Cassie gets a bit of help in each battle, as Zeus gives her the Harpe Sword to fight Aegaeon and her friends have her back when Poseidon comes calling.

While Zeus is less than pleased with Cassie's decision, the recent attacks to help Wonder Girl make a decision about her future. Now she has to live with it. As for the group, the comic seems to be pointing to next issue as a "conclusion" of the series. Is this the end for Young Justice?

[DC, $3.99]

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