Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Batman Beyond #50

The latest volume of Batman Beyond concludes with Batman framed for multiple attacks around Gotham City by Inque, one of which puts Bruce Wayne and Terry's younger brother in the hospital. Wonder Woman arrives to help solve the mystery, and clear Batman's name (thankfully we're saved from a lengthy heroic misunderstanding as Diana sizes up Terry in short order).

Inque was one of the stand-out villains from Batman Beyond and although her motivations seem a bit muddled (blaming Bruce Wayne for preventing the villain a chance to cure her condition) she's put to good use against the formidable duo of Batman and Wonder Woman.

The appearance of Wonder Woman and the use of one of the television show's most popular villains works to provide Dan Jurgens with a way to close out his 50-issue run in style. Given what we see to close out the issue, it will be interesting to see if a Batman Beyond Justice League is in the works somewhere in the near future.

[DC, $3.99]

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