Tuesday, December 1, 2020

FBI - Unreasonable Doubt

Ghosts from Jubal's (Jeremy Sisto) past come back to haunt him when the discovery of a serial killer's dumping ground makes him question the conviction of a man (Ari Fliakos) for a similar crime eight years ago. While Maggie (Missy Peregrym) and OA (Zeeko Zaki) find no holes in the original case, despite their similarities to the current murders, Jubal can't fight the hunch that he missed something during his heavy drinking days leading him to reach out to his former partner and mistress (Kathleen Munroe).

The solution to the problem, allowing the case against the original suspect to remain solid but still identify a completely different killer, is a bit too cute (and one which you will probably recognize other police dramas have used in the past). What is most notable about the episode is it drilling into Jubal's past a bit more and bringing to light the low point of the man's life (which may or may not lay the seed of a future episode).

For an actor who normally just runs around the room, asking questions, Sisto is given far more to do here and the result allows for a pair of emotional scenes to close out the episode. The way the plot unfolds also allows his "hunch" to be correct without any real fallout. The other thread presented in "Unreasonable Doubt" is Maggie finally deciding to tell her partner about her romantic relationship with Nestor (Josh Segarra) which is prompted by OA incorrectly guessing Nestor's interest in helping out with the case. No longer secret, will the relationship still hold the same interest for Maggie?

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