Thursday, December 10, 2020

Far Sector #9

The focus of Far Sector #9 stays firmly on Green Lantern Sojourner Mullein's current assignment in the City Enduring and solving the mysteries of the alien world which she's still struggling to fully understand. It's also the first issue in which she's out of uniform for the entire issue (although she does end up borrowing one from someone else to do a little snooping). Even with as alien as it is, the politics of the City Enduring at times remind her of Earth.

The issues starts out rather talky, with CanHaz sharing a bit more of City Enduring's history with the Green Lantern and offering a suggestion on where she might poke around. The revelations, and the comic's limited action, are saved for the later pages as Sojourner sneaks into Platform Solid Ground, an alien farmland where most of the City’s food comes from. However, what she uncovers looks more like a prison camp involving the forced servitude that gives her more information about how City Enduring functions and what really keeps things running. Far Sector #9 offers another solid issue, but we'll have to wait until the next issue for the Green Lantern's response to her discovery.

[DC, $3.99]

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