Monday, December 14, 2020

The Hardy Boys - Where the Light Can't Find You

"Where the Light Can't Find You" follows up on the mysteries introduced in the show's first episode as Fenton (James Tupper) leaves to look for a source who may know what his wife was working on that got her killed, only to run afoul of some mysterious figures. In Bridgeport, Joe (Alexander Elliot) has an adventure with Biff (Riley O'Donnell) helping out a thief (Atticus Mitchell) hiding out just outside of town after stealing a golden statue from an airplane while in flight. The man he stole the statue from is the mysterious Tall Man (Stephen R. Hart), the same odd character who Frank (Rohan Campbell) and his new pals Callie (Keana Lyn), Chet (Adam Swain), and Phil (Cristian Perri) run into while searching for Ern (Sean Patrick Dolan).

The second episode of the series flushes out Joe a little more as the impulsive one. He decides to follow Biff and help the thief despite knowing the man is lying to them about both how and why his has come to Bridgeport. Ern's encounter with Joe fills one of the Hardys in on what happened aboard the ship, although that information isn't shared with either his father or his brother as it looks like all three are investigating separate pieces of the same mystery by pulling on different threads (while also being unaware of what the others are doing). The episode also shows us Aunt Trudy (Bea Santos) can be fooled relatively easy by the boys and has absolutely no idea what is happening under her roof.

Feeling a bit old school by being set in the 1980s, with its use of small town grocer and malt shop, here we see the kids making use of walkie talkies rather than cell phones with limited range and no quick Google search available to provide any information they are lacking (or a handy camera to capture a photo of the odd characters they run across). As to our mysteries, it's not obvious why the Tall Man wants the artifact, is willing to kill for it, or just who the thief stole it for. What is clear, is the kids have gotten in over their heads and managed only to dig up more questions than answers about what their mother may have been into.

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