Thursday, December 10, 2020

Red Sonja #22

Red Sonja #22 offers the introduction of a mysterious new character in the Bird Overlord while focusing on Red Sonja's quest to kill the child king Cyril, son of Dragan the Magnificent. Most of the action centers around Sonja barely making it out of Cyril's throne room alive by wounding the giant and then escaping when Cyril uses his magic to nearly squeeze the life out of the She-Devil with a Sword.

I have to admit I was far less interested in the Bird Overlord pieces, including an opening backstory whose narration somewhat fits into Sonja's desperation as the comic shifts its focus back its title character and a dungeon escape. It's weaved throughout the issue, leaving me with a mixed reaction.

As for the battle between Cyril and Sonja, our heroine learns she has drastically underestimated her enemy which nearly cost Sonja her life. She manages to regroup in the treasury but can she withstand everything which Cyril has planned for her?

[Dynamite Entertainment, $3.99]

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