Thursday, December 24, 2020

Batman: Black and White #1

Batman: Black and White returns for another series of stories featuring the Dark Knight Detective in black-and-white adventures. The standout to Batman: Black and White #1 is the final tale of the issue by G. Willow Wilson and Greg Smallwood which involves Batman tracking down Killer Croc to a woman's apartment. Along with a nice twist, "Metamorphosis" offers the best art of of the collection as Smallwood makes use of the shadows and the Gotham night to frame our leading man to maximum effect.

Although there isn't a must-read tale in the issue, "Metamorphosis" is worth giving the issue a chance, even if the rest of the stories don't quite measure up.

Other stories include "Demon Fist" which focuses on a single member of the League of Assassins hoping to land one punch on Batman, "Weight" gives us snapshots across Batman's timeline while focusing on the weight of his childhood vow, the Batcave becomes infested with Ninja Man-Bats in "First Flight," and Emma Rios offers a dreamy tale of the external struggle of Batman.

[DC, 5.99]

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