Monday, December 7, 2020

The Hardy Boys - Welcome to Your Life

"Welcome to Your Life" is all introductions. We meet the athletic Frank (Rohan Campbell) and his younger brother Joe (Alexander Elliot) who are whisked away to the town of Bridgeport following the sudden death of their mother (Janet Porter). On the first couple days in the small town, the Hardy boys are introduced to some new friends (Keana Lyn, Adam Swain, and Riley O'Donnell) and a pair of mysteries. The first involves the destruction of their grandmother's boat for something valuable found at sea. The second involves the circumstances of their mother's death which may not have been a car accident after all.

While dealing mostly with the fallout of the loss of their mother and the sudden move, the show sets up a couple of mysteries for the pair to solve and a reason for their father (James Tupper) to be absent while chasing down his own leads. Campbell's take on Joe stays pretty close to original, working in the character's athleticism and quick wits into the first episode. Porter is a younger choice for Joe than I would expect, and it will be interesting to what skills (other than the mentioned lockpicking) he brings to the duo's crime solving. Of the other characters, none stay on-screen long enough for us to get a feel for them. No doubt we'll be seeing much more of them, except perhaps the girlfriend (Alexandra Beaton) Joe leaves behind, in the episodes to come.

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