Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Once and Future #13

With the Beowulf misadventures now complete, Duncan, Rose, and Bridgette prepare for the next move by Merlin and Zombie Arthur. They don't have to wait long as a murder of crows show up to deliver dark warnings to Bridgette, which she doesn't take kindly to.

Unwilling to sit still and wait for trouble to find them, the trio goes in search of the next Lancelot, believing him to be the key to Zombie Arthur's next move. What they find instead is a gang of Nazis and something else entirely as the Green Knight has entered their tale. His sudden appearance does help Duncan with the Nazis. Is he foe? Or just another pawn in Merlin's larger design?

It's not all dark foreboding and terror of things to come as Duncan and Rose's relationship turns romantic (and their attempts to hide the relationship from Duncan's Gran don't last long). I like the pair together, and am happy to see the comic developing this side of their storyline. Born out of danger, will both survive long enough to see where this may lead?

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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