Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Batman: Black and White #2

The second issue of Batman: Black and White #2 gives us five more stories of Batman. The best of the list comes from Sophie Campbell. "All Cats are Prey" is a silent story featuring Batman chasing Catwoman, once in a black costume and later once in a white costume which allows her to hide from him in the snow (an idea which she steals from seeing an all-white cat hide from her).

"The Devil is in the Detail" offers an adventure from Batman's early career, in the style of an old newspaper cartoon, as the Dark Knight Detective searches for a killer decapitating victims in a devil's ritual which leads back to seven members of the GCPD and Gordon's boss. In "The Unjust Judge" Batman is unable to save a priest from a collapsed church but stays with the priest until the end.

In "The Spill" Batman is trapped in the Gotham spillway after an EMP goes off in Gotham City while pursuing the Joker who gloats for several panels about getting the see Batman's death before the barrier breaks and nearly drowns them both. And in "Dual" Batman tracks an all-white doppelganger across Gotham City.

[DC, 5.99]

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