Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Sonjaversal #1

The first issue of Sonjaversal introduces the idea of a Red Sonja Multiverse made up of Sonjas of different colors and timelines, each of whom are their world's greatest warrior.

While the kick-off is a little hazy on the details, it seems Red Sonja has angered a particularly vengeful god in some way. For punishment, the god has taken to plucking other Sonjas out of the Multiverse and sending them one-by-one to kill Red Sonja or suffer the god's wrath as well.

Although the set-up is a bit weird, the god is actually a Sonja too (or is she just a tool for the god)?, the idea should provide plenty of action for the series and Red Sonja will battle doppelgangers of herself from across time and dimensions. First up is Orange Sonja, part of a technological future armed with a gun and spending days battling cyber creatures. We also see glimpses of Green Sonja and Purple Sonja and mention of a Pantheon. However, we've entered the tale midway through, and Orange Sonja discovers killing the She-Devil with a Sword is easier said than done - even for a Sonja.

[Dynamite, $3.99]

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