Thursday, February 4, 2021

Far Sector #10

Sojourner Mullein has been sent to the edge of the known universe to a city built on the forced emotional suppression its people. A side-effect over time has been the creation of a dark underground to exploit emotional scarcity by relying on the slave labor of ordinary citizens. The slaves are addicted to Switchoff which stops the emotional exploit allowing them to feel and create a profitable commodity, but also has created loose canons and secrets desperately needing to be kept leading to disruption like that which brought Sojourner to the City Enduring. Putting the final pieces into place and seeing it in action creates an impressive emotional response in our Green Lantern.

Finding no help in either the head of local law enforcement or the councilman who maneuvered events to help bring her here hoping to change the status quo, our heroine is at a loss as to her next move. In a twist eerily similar to recent events, the real enemy has used the emotional turmoil to stage a coup, kill the vote on the Emotional Exploit, and seize power. The mystery may be solved, but the fight has just begun.

[DC, $3.99]

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