Thursday, February 4, 2021

Prodigal Son - Take Your Father to Work Day

The humorously titled "Take Your Father to Work Day" brings the NYPD to Claremont Psychiatric Hospital where the Surgeon (Michael Sheen) witnesses the death of one of the other inmates. Writer Elizabeth Peterson has fun with Gil's (Lou Diamond Phillips) disdain at working with Martin to solve the case. A group therapy session, made up of the prime suspects for the murder, also reveals some pent-up frustration Malcom (Tom Payne) has for his father. Other than the setting, the murder of the week isn't terribly interesting, but it does clue Malcolm into the possibility that his father may be looking to break-out.

The climax of the episode provides Martin a situation to choose escape or helping his son (although he ultimately chooses the later, there is a period of time in which the Surgeon disappears suggesting that he may have been up to something). In terms of larger season arcs, the episode is most notable for Jessica (Bellamy Young) continuing to investigate and finally discovering that her son helped hide Ainsley's (Halston Sage) murder of Nicholas Endicott. Shocked, Jessica struggles with how to deal with a daughter that may turn out to be as bloodthirsty as the Surgeon. Ainsley continues to question the night's events as well, still unaware of her actions, as we see more teases that she may indeed be her father's daughter.

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