Monday, February 1, 2021

MacGyver - Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance

Team MacGyver deals with the quarantine in "Quarantine + N95 + Landline + Telescope + Social Distance" which offers a look at how Mac (Lucas Till), Bozer (Justin Hires), and Riley (Tristin Mays) have been spending their free time. In a not-so-subtle Rear Window homage, Bozer sees what he believes to be a murder of one of their neighbors. Initially it appears that he is mistaken, but there's more going on as the neighbors have been taken prisoner by a gang hoping to use the couple's son to steal from a mall that has been shutdown during the quarantine. The episode makes good use of quarantine conditions to further the plot and involves the unusual invention of a temporary invisibility cloak which allows Team MacGyver to get close to the criminals and rescue their hostage.

The episode continues to tease the inevitable Desi (Levy Tran) / Mac / Riley love triangle, as the quarantine has allowed both Mac and Desi to avoid larger discussions about their relationship, and we see the first inklings of Mac becoming aware of Riley's feelings. The episode's B-story involving Russ (Henry Ian Cusick) finally letting down his guard and allowing a friend (Camilla Arfwedson) to stay with him through the quarantine works by further exploring the quarantine timeline of the characters, revealing a bit more about Russ' past, and providing the first breadcrumb for a larger story. Do I sense a treasure hunt coming?

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