Monday, February 1, 2021

Once and Future #15

While Duncan and Bridgette travel to Avon in search of answers to what latest craziness Mary has unleashed, Rose gets an unexpected visit from Duncan's mother who attempts to convince his son's girlfriend to change sides (at the point of a gun). Once and Future #15 shakes things up a bit by allowing half of the story to be told from Mary's point of view (although her holding a gun on Rose, and constantly threatening her life, doesn't do a lot to help with any possible reasonableness of her argument).

Despite her craziness, there is a rationale behind Mary's actions, and a peek into her childhood does help explain just how she got such a warped sense of the world (and why Lancelot is now walking around in this world). Following Rose standing up to the Green Knight in the last issue, here she shows resolve as well as bravery earning the respect of an enemy.

The issue ends with the introduction of yet another character, Sir Jason Hempleworth, although it's not yet clear what his role (and the role of the government) have yet to play.

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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