Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Once and Future #16

Things get event more tumultuous for our heroes as Merlin and Zombie Arthur continue their plans. Trapped in the Otherworld, Duncan and Bridgette have to deal with a crazed Lancelot as well as the sudden experience of a dragon (you have to love a comic that can just throw in a dragon at the last minute and it not seem out of place).

Things aren't going to get any easier for the pair with the arrival of Galahad and Elaine whose appearance, and identity, confuses Lancelot (he's not the only one).

As for Rose, she learns a bit about the secret government organization which has been secretly watching her for weeks and showed up just in time to save her from whatever the hell Duncan's mother is calling herself this week. The introduction of the Shadow Secretary helps explain how the British Government handles the odd mystical occurrences the pop-up from time to time (while also dropping more hints about the "accord" which we've heard reference to before as a measure to help keep the peace).

[BOOM!, $3.99]

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