Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Batman: Black and White #3

Batman: Black and White #3 offers up five more Batman stories in black and white. The third issue is notable for the absence of Bat-villains (except as a cameo in a single panel of one tale), instead focusing on alternate realms, alternate Batmen, street punks, and the legacy of Batman.

Jace Fox as Batman battles the racist antigovernment Igloo Boys gang with the help of Tiff Fox in "The Cavalry." "I Am the Bat" offers a regular evening for Batman with some minor skirmishes, with an unexpected twist at the end.

Both "A Kingdom of Thorns" and "Legacy" provide alternate timelines with Bruce Wayne as a medieval knight in the first and in the other fighting a world of monsters using a giant BattleMech in a dystopian future.

Perhaps the most interesting story is "An Unquiet Knight" featuring Zatanna reaching out to the spirit of a deceased Batman and helping him finally find peace.

[DC, 5.99]

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