Monday, March 15, 2021

Sonjaversal #2

The second issue of Sonjaversal doesn't do anything to clear up just what caused Red Sonja's current trouble of having Sonjas from every shade jump dimensions and attempt to kill her. While the comic restates the fact that Red Sonja has apparently done something to anger her god, we don't see much evidence as to what that might be (other than perhaps the seemingly disconnected story of Sonja battling and then bedding an attractive warrior some time before any of these events were set in motion).

The second issue does clear up the confusion that the Sonja we see recruiting others is a Sonja and apparently the head acolyte to the god that Red Sonja has somehow offended. The story also seems to imply that the goddess is a bit flaky and isn't above lashing out at perceived slights.

Sonjaversal #2 ends with several Sonjas, including Red Sonja, all walking through a portal to the same location which seems to suggest a battle royal is just around the corner (even if answers are not).

[Dynamite, $3.99]

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