Friday, March 5, 2021

Superman & Lois - Heritage

Two episodes in, it's becoming pretty clear that the name of the show should be Superman & Lois & Jonathan & Jordan as the show continues to divide its focus to the various Kent family members. As expected, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) becomes the more sullen of the two brothers after the family's relocation and his trouble fitting in with the Smallville football team. Jordan's (Alex Garfin) momentary good humor about spending time with his dad and visiting the Fortress of Solitude is quickly dashed when his hologram grandfather suggests that he doesn't have enough Kryptonian DNA to ever develop true powers. Holo Jor-El (Angus Macfadyen), what a jerk. (Also, did anyone else think it odd that somehow Jor-El was able to capture footage of Kal-El's escape and Kryptonian's destruction which, you know, he didn't live through or have time to be able to program into a computer?) As for the Kents, I may be able to stomach one moody Kent sibling, but two is going to get tiresome rather quickly.

"Heritage" introduces Adam Rayner as boogeyman or savior Morgan Edge who is offering to bring jobs to Smallville but whose motives, and record, Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) finds suspect. Lois doesn't make many friends while speaking out at a town hall meeting against Edge, but she does make one in the editor-in-chief of the Smallville Gazette Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik) as the show better defines what Lois will be doing in Smallville. This leaves Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) as mostly an afterthought, although he does fight Captain Luthor (Wolé Parks) again as the man from another universe looks for an ally in General Sam Lane (Dylan Walsh). While Lane appears to have some disagreements with his son-in-law there's a pretty huge leap in logic here about siding with a spaceman who is raiding nuclear reactors against his daughter's husband.

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