Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Superman & Lois - The Best of Smallville

HarvestFest comes to Superman & Lois & Jonathan & Jordan in an episode that offers more moody teenage drama, our first glimpses of a teenage Clark's (Dylan Kingwell ) time in Smallville, and Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) stumbling on the bizarre experiments conducted by Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) thanks to some investigating by Chrissy Beppo (Sofia Hasmik). The out-of-time Captain Luthor (Wolé Parks) introduces himself to Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) who he believes can lead him to Superman. The episode's epilogue offers the sudden reappearance of Tag Harris (Wern Lee) confronting Jordan (Alex Garfin) proving the government is worthless at keeping any super-powered individual, even a teenager not in control of his abilities, under wraps.

There isn't much of Superman in this episode. We get a single appearance of him crashing into the lab (which I'm willing to bet will be completely cleaned out by the time someone goes back to investigate) and chasing the super-powered Derek Powell (Clayton James) which only raises more questions about what Morgan Edge is up to in Smallville. While Jodran appears to have got himself a nemesis, Jonathan's (Jordan Elsass) dislike over Smallville intensifies as the overdue break-up with his Metropolis girlfriend happens via a phone call (although a text would have seemed more fitting). The best parts of the show continue to be about family as the episode gives us more of the Cushings (who are getting far more screentime than I expected) and Clark, both the younger version which allows us to see his struggles with living in Smallville and in the present where he sees the his son going trough something similar. Meanwhile the show continues lay ground for larger stories going into a hiatus which will allow for the return of Supergirl next week.

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