Friday, March 5, 2021

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Faith

I'll admit, I fell off a bit with my reading of rebooted Buffy and Angel comics with the whole Hellmouth crossover. I've picked up a bit here and there, and that's what made me notice this new 40-page one-shot centered around Faith. The issue offers a glimpse of Faith prior to her introduction in Sunnydale but after she became noticed by the Watchers Council as a potential Slayer (Or became a Slayer? It's confusing).

The mix of a rebooted universe where you are not sure how much history has carried over, the hit-and-miss schedule I've taken recently with the various comics, and not knowing exactly where the comic fits in to the overall timeline all added to my overall confusion here. The story is relatively simple, the Watchers are fucking with Faith, testing her in a movie theater against vampires, wiping her mind, and starting over.

While the art is fine overall, the is a bit of an inconsistency from Eleonora Carlini who sometimes takes effort to make Faith look like Eliza Dushku and in other panels not so much. While I think die-hard Buffy fans may be interested here, the result is something of a mixed bag.

[BOOM!, $7.99]

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