Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Black Cat #3

With half of the issue taking place inside the mind of the Black Cat, Black Cat #3 doesn't do much to advance the overall tie to "King in Black" which turns out to be a good thing (and not only because I could care less able the larger event) as this single issue detour turns out to provide a hell of a lot of fun.

Black Cat #3 picks up with Felicia having taken up the Yggdrasill Staff to find herself temporarily imbued with the power of a god while the power. While she battles dragons on Earth, in her mind the Magic, assuming the visage of Black Fox, works to tempt her to accept the magic completely. Needless to say, once Doctor Strange finally awakes to see what has happened in his absence, he's far from pleased.

The issue offers plenty of temptation for the title character, and a surprise for Strange who is astonished she was able to turn away from such power (and avoid creating an even more dangerous situation for everyone) as the title turns its focus back to the larger "King in Black" event.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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