Monday, March 22, 2021

Debris - Solar Winds

The third episode of Debris continues the ongoing storylines of the shadowy private group looking to add to their own collection of debris (with the help of some members of the government) and the questions concerning Finola Jones' (Riann Steele) not-so-dead father (Tyrone Benskin). The odd occurrence of the week takes place in a field where window mysterious appears and disappears, with other people trapped on the other side, without any apparent nearby debris (which is actually found rather easily once they begin investigating a larger area). The episode plays on the theory of certain places on Earth where the fabric of dimensions can allow someone to walk from one world through the next.

After identifying one of those trapped on the other side (Sarah Desjardins), Finola and Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) enlist the missing woman's father (Christopher Shyer) in an attempt to keep the connection active long enough to find a way to pull her out. The question I continue to ask myself three episodes in, given the amount of debris and that each causes extremely noticeable effects when encountered after if visibly falls from the sky, is just how secret is the entire enterprise (especially given the size of some of the team's retrievals)? And if more people do know what is happening, why does it only look like governments and a very small group of mercenaries is interested in collecting the various debris?

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