Thursday, October 13, 2022

Andor - Episode 6

The sixth episode of Andor finally gets to the heist, although the show's method of drawing events out unnecessarily continues even during the heist itself often flashing to events elsewhere on the military base or with the locals amassing to view the celestial event. The choice would seem to be done in attempt to draw out the tension of events even longer. However, the result is actually the opposite as editing of the episode continually undercuts and distracts from the events the show has finally gotten around to delivering. If Andor was a comic book series it would be a three-issue story stretched thinly over an entire year's run where you could easily miss two or three months at a time and still have no trouble staying caught up with the story.

Since it is the main point of the episode, let's talk about the heist which is fine if not all that interesting or offering the fun twists and turns fans of heist flicks would be hoping for. The infiltration goes as planned, taking hostages, and then offering a simple robbery which gets underway with only a scant few troopers aware that something may be wrong. We do get the inevitable something goes wrong (part of any heist) rather late, but it really just devolves into a standard shoot-out before the escape. By far the most interesting thing, far outshining the heist itself, is the celestial event which I'll admit is pretty damn cool and provides the means for our thieves escape before things get complicated between Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) and the Rebels.

  • Title: Andor - Episode 6
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