Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Archer - Dough, Ray, and Me

Looking for any way in which to clear their names, Archer (H. Jon Benjamin) and the other spies go to work for the CIA as Slater (Christian Slater) hires the band of misfits to kill Fabian Kingsworth (Kayvan Novak). Not knowing that Ray (Adam Reed) is actually Slater's mole on the inside leads to some complications as the team eventually agree to Lana's (Aisha Tyler) plan and double-cross the CIA in order to capture, rather than kill, Fabian and hand him over to Interpol. Offering a bit of a reset, the spies return home to the agency with Lana know taking the lead in whatever new trouble the group may find.

"Dough, Ray, Me" offers plenty of shenanigans and half-baked plans before the spies manage to make it out with Fabian. Highlights include the revelation of Slater's side business (which the team takes out their frustration on), the assassination plot going to hell leading to lots of improvisation, Archer admitting Lana is the most qualified to lead the group moving forward, and Slater's sad admission that this mission, completely fucked by our protagonists, wouldn't rank as one of his biggest failures this year.

  • Title: Archer - Dough, Ray, and Me
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