Monday, October 3, 2022

Dragons: The Nine Realms - Fire Escape

The Third Season of Dragons: The Nine Realms opens with the Dragon Club continuing to explore the new areas discovered at the end of last season with Tom (Jeremy Shada) obsessed with getting into the Fire Realm. Attempts by Alex (Aimee Garcia) to make a fireproof suit and Tom to befriend a Monstrous Nightmare both have their struggles, even after making friends with the dragon the group is almost exposed when the excitable dragon leaves the caves.

The episode offers the pairing of Buzzsaw (Haley Joel Osment), looking for his lightning bird, and Vincent (Vincent Tong) trying to find out what his sister is up to in the otherwise very boring research facility. While Vincent begins to put pieces together from Buzzsaw's description and Jun's (Ashley Liao) drawings, even getting a glimpse at the Nightmare, Buzzsaw remains as confused as ever about what is going on. While the kids get the dragon back into the caves, and find a solution to their fire protection, will Vincent's discovery in the woods lead to more problems for Dragon Club?

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - Fire Escape
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