Monday, October 24, 2022

Kung Fu - Shifu / Risk

Kung Fu returns for its Third Season with the city still struggling to get back on its feet after the earthquake and crooked businessman (Seamus Dever) making the most out of the chaos including hiring local gangs to steal from the locals, including the Chen family restaurant, and kidnapping Althea (Shannon Dang) to get rid of evidence tying him to his shady deals. Although Alethia makes it out unscathed, except for her punishment for last season's actions likely limiting her role as the group's go-to techie this season, and our baddie heads to jail, the restaurant is still close to going under leading to the Chen's looking to potential investors to keep things afloat. Looks like nearly everyone has their own stories this season.

The season offers a new face in Ben Levin as local vigilante with hacking skills who appears to be the season's stand-in for Althea's court-ordered removal as the group's hacker and a possible new love interest for Nicky (Olivia Liang) with Henry (Eddie Liu) overseas looking into his father's past and hitting up his dad's old partner (David Nykl) to find a mystical compass (likely the jumping off point for the season's mystical mystery). We also get the return of both Zhilan (Yvonne Chapman) and Simon Lau (Michael Bow) in the spirit realm, and, to Nicky's surprise, the return of Pei-Ling (Vanessa Kai) to the land of the living. While happy to see her old Shifu, Nicky (who has taken up the role in teaching students of her own) also fears something dark may have come back with her mentor.

  • Title: Kung Fu - Shifu / Risk
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