Monday, April 24, 2023

Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #4

I must admit, I'm not enjoying this latest season of Batman: The Adventures Continue as much as the earlier runs. Don't get me wrong, the stories aren't bad, but as the comic has gotten a bit darker in tone the comic has lost some of the all-ages magic of the series which spawned it. Batman: The Adventures Continue Season Three #4 is most notable for working the idea of the Batman Beyond suit into the earlier adventures of Batman and Robin during the Batman: The Animated Series run as the Dynamic Duo fight someone in possession of the prototype armor (which, I guess, just took a really, really long time for Batman to get working).

Tying in to search for the Joker and his new bud, is a Harley Quinn thread with Amanda Waller forcing Harley back into action for Task Force X to help find the pair by threatening her friends. Although it gets Waller a temporary soldier, I would guess this won't turn out well for everyone involved.

[DC, $3.99]

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