Monday, April 10, 2023

Daredevil #9

Daredevil #9 works as an aftermath issues set between the Fist's battle against the Hand and their upcoming fight against the Avengers (who believe Elektra is responsible for murdering the President). After their battle against the Hand, Matt Murdock and his followers limp back home to their secret base to lick their wounds. It's hardly a calm time as there are those who decide to abandon Daredevil's quest, and sad revelations for both Elektra and Matt that two of their inner circle aren't who they believe them to be, just as a new threat lands on their doorstep.

As part of the muscle tissue between chapters in graphic novel, Daredevil #9 works fine, but as a standalone issue (especially for someone who missed the previous big battle that is often referenced) there's not all that much to recommend as it's really just the transition from one battle to another for Daredevil and friends. Fine for what it is, but you won't miss anything skipping the title for a month.

[Marvel, $3.99]

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