Friday, April 21, 2023

Dead Hot: Season of the Witch

The unscripted drama Dead Hot: Season of the Witch follows Vanessa Hudgens and Georgia Magree on their journey into the mystical involving learning more about ghosts and witchcraft. While you can tell the subject is important to both Hudgens and her real-life friend, the results are mixed. In the end you can't help but wonder if a bit more scripting or a more traditional documentary style would have served the pair better in the personal interests they want to explore.

In the film, which appears to have originally been more of a ghost hunting series for the two, we get a series of ghost hunts interspersed with the pair's travel to Salem to talk to experts on witchcraft, mediums, and spiritual advisors, their own discussions on the subject, and sequences of Hudgens directly talking to the camera in an unsuccessful attempt to tie the various aspects of the project together.

The ghost hunting expeditions are all that interesting or scary and the journey of witchcraft doesn't off much in the way of information that isn't readily available to anyone with a search engine. The only segments of note are the personal conversations between the friends about their beliefs and their journey. The two are likable and under the right circumstances can certainly be entertaining enough to carry the right project, however the film itself was neither informative nor entertaining enough to keep my interest.

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