Saturday, April 8, 2023

Safe Word

To be successful, at minimum, an erotic thriller needs to be both erotic and thrilling. The Tubi original Safe Word is neither. The film from director Sara Seligman and screenwriter Dana Verde is boring, often unbearably so. Moriah Brown and Gavin Houston star as a couple who quickly marry only for her to discover a more controlling and sadistic side to her husband as they begin their married life together and as they begin some rather tame sexual exploration.

While the premise of her husband being an asshole certainly works for the storyline, the kink element, central to his motivation, is flaccid throughout. The scenes with his boss (Monique Mosee) and former domme are just weird, and never lead anywhere interesting. And things devolve quickly when a former lover appears whose life was ruined by Ethan (Houston) leading into a revenge fantasy that works no better. The only safe word needed here is the one to stop the film before it starts.

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