Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Check Yourself

"Check Yourself" centers around Lunella (Diamond White) obsession with needing to when which turns a potential friend in a supercomputer against her as LOS-307 (Asia Kate Dillon) overheats from constant use in the pair's chess game that will not end eventually turning it evil sending all kinds of electric gadgets and appliances after her in the school. While I think pointing out this facet of Lunella's personality earlier in the show, before centering an entire episode on it, would have gone a long way to better sell the premise, there's much to enjoy here including the computer easily deducing her as Moon Girl and a conclusion that not only offers Lunella growth, and a new friend who knows her secret, but also cleverly finds a way to keep the computer around as a supporting character.

  • Title: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur - Check Yourself
  • IMDb: link

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