Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Sexual Impulse & Sexual Roulette

This Skinmax Double Feature collects two 1997 low-budget erotic thrillers starring Tané McClure each offering barebones storylines structured more around opportunities for characters to get naked and have sex at the drop of the hat rather than coherent plot or anything resembling good acting.

Gabriella Hall and Tim Abell star in Sexual Roulette as a nearly broke couple attempt to change their luck on a sure bet with the last of their savings leading to the pair owing big money to local casino owners (McClure and Peter Spellos). At this point the story turns into an indecent proposal with Kali (McClure) offering to forgive all debts if Jed (Abell) performs a series of sexual favors for her which he is ultimately unable to keep from his wife, ruining their lives. Roulette is the better of the two films, even with the amount of Las Vegas footage shoehorned in and an ending that fizzles out.

The goofier of the two films, Sexual Impulse centers around a flailing men's club after the death of its owner (Archie Gibson) in an attempted robbery, facing foreclosure and threats from local gangsters over unpaid gambling debts, and being targeted by a local District Attorney (Colleen Corrigan) and local protestors. Enter McClure as the sexy new bartender to turn the fortunes of the club around filling the club with half-naked women as customers, and cash, come rolling in.

[Skinmax, $14.95]

  • Title: Sexual Impulse / Sexual Roulette
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