Friday, April 21, 2023

Dave - Wisconsin

Okay, the middle of a show's third season may seem a weird place to jump in for the first time but you announce Chloe Bennett as a guest-star and my attention is piqued. Bennett guest-stars as a local photographer who Dave (Dave Burd) immediately falls for when the tour hits Wisconsin. And the attraction is mutual, despite Dave's various neuroses. The other storyline involves Ally (Taylor Misiak) joining the tour fresh out of her failed relationship and looking for some revenge sex with an old friend that's had a crush on her for more than a decade.

The two stories mirror each other with Dave's relationship between awkward in a cute way, at least until the night ends after she takes the neurotic's attempt to soothe their passing the wrong way, and Ally's being just awkward as she realizes she's not up for a one-night stand even with someone who has known her for a decade. With the tour moving on and Dave seemingly having no interest in a long-term relationship with Robin, apparently the show is bidding farewell to Bennett after a single episode. I always enjoy Bennet, and enjoyed the character of Robin, and if she was sticking around I'll admit I would as well, but I don't know that the rest of the show has enough to keep me around pinning for her return.

  • Title: Dave - Wisconsin
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