Monday, September 18, 2023

Archer - Plaque Removal

Taking a job to safeguard museum artifacts in transit, Archer (H. Jon Benjamin), Lana (Aisha Tyler), and Zara Khan (Natalie Dew) head across the pond for a job that has added benefit for Lana if she can impress her client who would be influential in getting AJ into a prestigious private school. Trouble comes from an Indiana Jones-ish robber and his kid sidekick who want to return the artifact back to its native country. Usual fun with Lana struggling with a moral quandary, Archer getting wrapped up in himself and wondering if the cursed artifact may have made him impotent, and Zara continuing to prove herself an asset to the Agency (and get on Archer's nerves). The rest of the cast remains back in the office for the continued HR B-story with Pam (Amber Nash) attempting to shirk as much duty as possible.

  • Title: Archer - Plaque Removal
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