Thursday, September 28, 2023

Catwoman #57

Taking place in part of the ongoing "Gotham War" arc, Catwoman continues her bizarre Dickensian plan to solve crime in Gotham with the help of many, many thieves and Red Hood. Meanwhile Batman relies on help from unexpected places and fights his former protege who turns out to be a good distraction keeping his eyes off what Selina is really planning with her trip to the ballet. 

Including a fight between Batman and Red Hood, Catwoman #57 is most notable for the comic's opening and closing sequences. The first involves Vandal Savage's purchase of Wayne Manor and kicking Bruce Wayne out of his ancestral home. I'm not sure exactly how Savage fits into the Bat vs. Cat drama, but he obviously has an important role that also ties into the final page of the comic revealing the true identity of one of Selina's most trusted lieutenants (and teasing a "team" which I truly hope means the return of the Secret Six).

[DC, $3.99]

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