Wednesday, September 13, 2023


The gods playing with our hero as their puppet continues in SHAZAM! #3. Despite swearing off the magic word, Billy does become the Captain again to save a bus of Gorillas, who the Conclave of SHAZAM put in danger to force his hand, and safely transport them back to Gorilla City before heading to the moon. Oh, and we check in with Darla and Mr. Tawny stalling for time with the Space Dinosaur Lawyer. Let's see, talking gorillas, tigers, dinosaurs, and a trip to the moon? Yep, the wacky fun continues. Now bring me Hoppy (please)!

After being captured at the Rock of Eternity, we also find out that the gods have plans to use Freddy to better spy on their progress in turning the Captain into something more befitting their name. Our hero's journey to the moon, which I half-expected to be a snipe hunt meant to teach our Captain some humility, sets up his next challenge against Garguax on the face of the moon.

[DC, $3.99]

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