Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Dragons: The Nine Realms - The Sky Torcher

The Third Season of Dragons: The Nine Realms comes to a close with the Dragon Riders facing a new threat of a Sky Torcher and his Flame Thrower minions invading the Crystal Realm. Needing help, and allowing him to undo a mistake that has been haunting him, Tom (Jeremy Shada) finds and enlists the help of Fault Ripper in removing the magma from the realm and pushing the dragons back to the Fire Realm. Tom and the Dragon Riders gain a new ally here, and are successful in restoring the balance to the realm (although by bombarding the Sky Torcher in attacks which contradicts a bit of Tom's new no violence against dragons policy).

In terms of other pieces of the story that won't play out here but lay the seeds for further episodes, Olivia (Julia Stiles) and Wilma (Carrie Keranen) meet Buzzsaw (Haley Joel Osment) whose offhand remark of a kid protecting a lightning bird may just pique her mother's interest. As for Buzzsaw, him falling into a fissure and accidentally discovering one of the dragon realms will be a new problem for the Riders to deal with in the next season. Last, the end of the episode is notable for Tom's discovery of another Viking artifact foreshadowing a potential discovery of more information from the earlier How to Train Your Dragon series.

  • Title: Dragons: The Nine Realms - The Sky Torcher
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