Monday, September 25, 2023

Wilderness - Happily Ever After

The purpose of the opening episode of Wilderness is to set up the justification for murder once Liv (Jenna Coleman) discovers the husband (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) she's sacrificed for is screwing on of his coworkers (Ashley Benson). Coleman is terrific here, especially in two scenes in which she reacts to her discovery, first what she believes is a one-night affair and later when she sees a video of Will and Cara together. Crushed by the weight of the situation, Liv plans a murderous revenge in the form of an apparent accident to occur to her husband while on a trip together.

What kind of a schmuck would cheat on Jenna Coleman (even for an apparently nymphomaniac Ashley Benson)? I'll be curious if the six-episode mini-series can keep the premise going, now having to rely on a more cold and calculating Liv rather than the one we see react viscerally to events. Events could spiral into the absurd quite quickly. Benson, who is only seen in the sec clip Liv finds in her husband's inbox, doesn't get much time here, but I would expect her husband's mistress would eventually play into Liv's revenge fantasies at some point.

  • Title: Wilderness - Happily Ever After
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