Monday, September 4, 2023

My Adventures of Superman - Zero Day

The two-part "Zero Day" explores the reasons behind Task Force X's bigoted and racist views on Superman (Jack Quaid) which continue in this episode as their controlled soldiers but the Man of Steel down. The major weakness of the show continues to be its villains which unfortunately is more evident when they are given more screentime. The big reveal in the episodes is apparently Kryptonians, or someone using Kryptonian technology, invaded Earth decades earlier doing rather minimal damage outside of a single government group that included Amanda Waller (Debra Wilson) and General Lane (Joel de la Fuente). Of course, the flashbacks we get don't explain just who from Krypton might have been involved, what their goal was, or why  the short incursion simply stopped.

The two-parter is also notable for the guest-appearance of Vicki Vale (Andromeda Dunker) who, quite easily, turns public opinion against Superman whose obsession with finding Task Force X has led to him saving more cats from trees that normal. Better lock him up. While the end of the episode helps redeem Metropolis a little, the reason that redemption is necessary is questionable at best. Despite the turmoil, the two-parter ends with Lois (Alice Lee) more secure with her feelings for Clark. However, while atttempting to give the pair some privacy, Jimmy (Ishmel Sahid) does stumble on something that may force him through the same hemming and hawing Lois was stuck with for a couple of episodes.

  • Title: My Adventures of Superman - Zero Day
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