Monday, September 11, 2023

Masters of the Universe: Forge of Destiny #1

A prequel series to Netflix's Masters of the Universe: Revelation gives us King Randor's plan to rally allies to his cause to stand up against the rising threat of Skeletor which leads Randor, Prince Adam, Teela, and Roboto into the island nation of Anwat Gar where Evil-Lyn frames Adam for a crime and attack against Dash-Shel.

Masters of the Universe: Forge of Destiny #1 features quite a bit of narration and expository explanation over the first-half of the issue to get events eventually moving, but I did enjoy Eddie Nunez's art here. While understandable, I'm not a big fan of this particular Adam/Teela dynamic which the prince constantly lying about what he's doing during his He-Man time and Teela being incapable of seeing through such weak attempts, making them both look foolish and incompetent, but it does allow for his absence at the crucial moment of Evil-Lyn's frame which will likely help in evil's plans to use the prince to start a war.

[Dark Horse, $3.99]

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