Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Atlantis - A Fate Worse Than Death

Despite recent events (which is mostly ignored) and turmoil within her own court on her decision, Ariadne (Aiysha Hart) announces her plans to wed Jason (Jack Donnelly). Unwilling to see her son take the throne, Pasiphae (Sarah Parish) makes a bold to kidnap and murder The Oracle (Juliet Stevenson) before she can announce the Gods blessing of the union. To do show she will take advantage of Medusa (Jemima Rooper) and use the Gorgon's ability to turn the Oracle to stone.

The second-half of the season begins on an odd note skipping over the fallout of Medea's (Amy Manson) attempt to kill Pasiphae who despite barely hanging onto life the last time we saw her is the picture of health. Even if Pasiphae's plan to kill the Oracle doesn't stop the wedding it does present another manner in which to do so as her agent within Atlantis chooses to hold Jason responsible for The Oracle's demise and sentence him to death in the name of the Gods.

The death of The Oracle definitely changes the balance of the show in terms of supporters within Atlantis for both Jason and Ariadne. It also leaves only Jason's friends and the witch and Medea as those who know the truth about his parentage which seems like a secret, despite the Oracle's warnings, that would be far better shared given recent events. As I doubt the show will kill off its leading man in the next episode the question becomes how will Jason be freed from his impending execution and what will it mean for his future in Atlantis?

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